Darling, You’ll Be Okay - Vic Fuentes Imagine


Request - Can you do a PTV one where y/n is best friends with them? She doesn’t have any other friends so when they’re on tour she’s so alone that she gets a depression. Meanwhile one of the guys (you choose) tries to figure out how to tell y/n he loves her. When they get back from tour they realize something’s wrong and they try to make her feel better. The other guys encourage the 1 you chose to ask her to sleep at his place. They cuddle all night and y/n explains how she feels and he holds her as she cries. In the morning he tells y/n he loves her and wants to be there to take care of her. Sorry this was so long! Could you make it a really long one shot or maybe like 2 parts if you feel like it? Love you :)
A/N - Okay, I think this one is really long so hopefully you like it! I decided to use Vic because he’s a sweetheart and a good all rounder. 

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